Cline really makes you consider the way games can be more than just entertainment, but they can become something of an escape. This escape helped Wade through his hardships, especially losing both parents and living in tragic conditions. Just as McGonigal mentions, a game is something that is voluntarily played to achieve an unnecessary goal. With Halliday’s billion dollar account up for grabs, this gives people more incentive to play the game and win the money. The vision of the trailers stacked to allow more space is worrisome. This made me question our reality today, and wonder if McGonigal is correct in her theory that videogames have come to our rescue for helping with real life issue in society. To watch Wade become more intone with reality than his life he once made in videogames somewhat shows this different perceptions that McGonigal has. Videogames are similar to a vacation, it is short, bittersweet, but at the end of the day, it is essential to come back to that life we lead. Life continues on, and we as people have to also help be a part of keeping life clean and evolving properly. With real life issues mentioned such as global warming, it is important to see that escaping in videogames won’t really solve our problems, but actually partaking in real life events will.


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