Games Research #10

I truly believe that the psychological development and skills that children receive while playing sports can be achieved by playing video games. Maybe those skills won’t be as advanced as a child who physically plays sports but nonetheless they would have it. A Forbes article entitled, “New Research Emphasizes Gaming’s Positive Impact on Psychological Development” by Jordan Shapiro proves that video games help promote positive psychological development in children.  He writes, “The study points out that video game play satisfies the same criteria for “positive youth development,” as traditional organized activities such as sports teams, arts, clubs, and hobbies: “(1) intrinsic motivation, (2) concentration and cognitive effort, and (3) cumulative effort over time to achieve a goal.” These three points are also attributed and associated with playing sports. I don’t see why playing sports video games can’t enhance these skills so that they can be transferred to the actual sport.


One thought on “Games Research #10”

  1. Video games can provide hope to the children who feel that they are not the actual athletic type. If some kids see what their avatars can do, they might want to try and emulate their activities. I mean it wont be as drastic, but they can always get their start somewhere.

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