Games Research #9

For many years people have felt that children who played video games were socially awkward. They assumed that they were locked up in the house all day playing senseless games. In fact, playing video games promotes social interaction.  In Jesse Meixsell’s article, ” Video Games are good for you: The positive Effects of Video Games”, Meixsell says, “The assumption is that kids who play video games often are subject to social withdrawal and may develop an addiction. Studies prove the opposite, that when introduced to games at a young age, in a group, video games can be a great source of social interaction. Gaming at a young age can help develop critical thinking skills. In other words, kids who pay attention to a string of events in a video game are very likely to apply this to their real lives later on.” Meixsell’s article also speaks about the physical advantage that video games promote which is also what I wanted to write about in my paper.


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