What is Paradise?

An interesting question posed in the following article: http://realtruth.org/articles/346-vgaefr.html is “are videogames a paradise?”

This question interested me because most people know what the feelings associated with paradise are, but most do not have a clear picture that comes to mind when the word comes up; the feeling is much more understood than the concept itself.

What is paradise? Most people associate the feelings of relaxation and joy with the term, complete freedom from real world stresses. Most business sell the term with the image of a sandy beach and colorful cocktails, but it is really something that is different in the mind of each individual.

This article is interesting because it argues that videogames could be a sort of paradise for many people, creating the carefree, happy feelings that so many people associate with the term “paradise.”

Do you believe that videogames deserve to be considered a form of paradise, or are the two things completely independent of one another? What are your reasons for thinking so?


One thought on “What is Paradise?”

  1. Video games definitely have a dream fulfilling quality about them. That is, they let us live out some of our personal fantasies, and not just general ones, like having super powers or the ability to fly or having super powers, but specific fantasies which are dependent on the existence of a preset context. Think of dreams like being the MVP of the Super Bowl, being a Jedi, being anyone of a number of super heroes, being a old west gun fighter, being a pirate in eighteenth century. These fantasies, all of which are depicted in video games, are specific to the individual, in that the dreamer has a personal idea of what it would be like to live them out. The magic of video games is that they give us a virtual world which allows for us to live out these fantasies, which otherwise we’d only be able to do in our imagination. Whether or not this makes video games a ‘paradise’ I can’t say, (I’m not sure I fully understand the term). But video games certainly allow for wish fulfillment in a way that human beings could not otherwise experience.

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