A Scholarly Source on Videogames

http://www.apa.org/pubs/journals/releases/amp-a0034857.pdf features an incredibly in-depth, comprehensive investigation into the world of videogames and how they influence our everyday lives. If you have taken a serious interest in videogames as a result of this class, or if were already invested in the topic, I would strongly suggest that you read this piece.

For the rest of you, the posted piece is quite lengthy (13 pages long), so I will summarize it for you. This piece basically sums up all of the research I have been doing on the connection between videogames and our real lives, supporting all claims with compelling statistics and reputable research sources.

One statistic that stood out to me came at the very beginning of the piece, where it said that 97% of adolescents play videogames for at least one hour per day in the United States. Now, this does not mean that 97% are glued to their televisions; it could include leisurely playing Candy Crush on one’s smartphone. However, when one stops to think about it, this is an incredible statistic; 97 out of every 100 kids in the United States spends an hour a day playing some sort of videogame. What else is there that unites people so completely, other than basic human necessities such as eating and sleeping?

As one reads on, there are more interesting statistics and various reasons why videogames are actually great for the human mind. On page 6, it says that videogames are most widely used as a way for people to, “manage their moods and enhance their emotional states.” Many people take medicines to stablilize their moods and, of course, videogames cannot always replace medication, but it shows that they can be a way to restabilize moods that might be slightly out of whack. Videogames soothe frayed nerves and focus an individual who might be feeling overwhelmed or flustered. This makes videogames an important component of maintaining individual well-being.

The essay on the benefits of videogames is long and filled with positive statements on the influences of videogames and impressive sources to back them up. I would suggest this piece to anyone who is interested in videogames or who needs some inspiration on what to write about for the final paper.


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