Football Manager

During my research on sports video games, I discovered that not only can you participate as a player on a team and perhaps better your game, but you can also play as a manager or coach.

This is where the game “Football Manager” comes in. The series started in 2005 and has been instrumental in helping people learn how to manage a team in different areas. The game is developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega and can be accessed on different platforms, as well as hand held. 

Here is a description of the game:

On another post, I mention how this game even helped a real life manager obtain his job soccer. 


One thought on “Football Manager”

  1. The news games of today (2K, Madden) in a sense let the player manage their own teams. Even though they are playing the actually game, it provides them with the skills to control the other players and conduct how their teams should act.

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