Game Theory

In “Game Theory as a Model for Business and Business Ethics,” two people at Harvard introduced the idea of game theory in mathematics or ethics. A question that is addressed in this is Why would businesses involve games in the workplace? Especially when you hear the expression, “it’s just a game,” as if to say, it is not real. Militaries who use games use them as a way to practice for real life events. Although, with games, you are playing to conquer a task at hand. “Ethics, first of all, requires not reflection but close attention to the nuances and intricacies with human relationships, only some of which are sometimes competitive and require strategy and tactics rather than tact, sympathy, mutual consideration and sharing,” (Solomon 14). Games are not always competitive, especially multiplayer games, some games are actually collaborative. This is what makes it so efficient for businesses, pushing members to work as a team and using games that involve mathematics and ethics is beneficial to the business and employees.


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