Sports Video Game and Kids Losing Weight.

UnitedHealth conducted a study on kids who are overweight and surprisingly, with the program, the kids lost weight. In the JOIN for ME study, and in conjunction with a diet, a good number of kids lost some pounds. The game “Kinnect Sports” was introduced in the middle of the study and would exercise in front of their XBOX 360. 

Here is the article that came out in March:

What a wonderful way to reduce obesity in kids: play video games!


2 thoughts on “Sports Video Game and Kids Losing Weight.”

  1. It may all sound as though these programs are actually lowering the obesity rate or the over weight rate, but sadly, they’re not. 3.4% out of 75 participants loosing weight is a horrible outcome. Not to mention that 75 participants isn’t even an appropriate or even, legitimate amount of participants. A study like this requires thousands of participants and should range from 2 to 5 years. Seems to me like just another marketing technique to make the companies involved look good, all. the while publishing findings from an inconclusive study.

  2. I have to agree with claudiosinchi. This article seems to have a few gaping holes. First off the study doesn’t seem to go into specifics in points it should have focused on. For instance, they state that it is unknown whether or not the children actually played these games, and with such a marginal increase, its possible to attribute that to random gains.

    I do understand that there is a great opportunity in videogames to reduce obesity in children. I’ve personally known people that have lost weight through games like Dance Dance Revolution and with technology like the Kinect and Wii Fit, it can only rise. There are a few issues with fitness based games however, these games have to be entertaining enough for the children that they believe they arent playing a weight loss game. For instance, DDR was a game made to appeal to perfectionists, the weight loss is just a side effect.

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