Video Games and Tennis

Tennis video games seem to be an area where there could be improvement. In an article I read, the author gives 7 reasons  why tennis video games could be better today.

Tennis has become more popular in the last few years, but nowhere near football or baseball here in the U.S. Maybe thats why there are so fewer games available? We must remember that this is not a team game. This is either singles or doubles, which would make a game completely different and you are not going to be in a forum of players with the social activity we find with other sports, or other games for that matter. 

As the sport becomes more and more popular, it remains to be seen if more tennis games with develop. 


4 thoughts on “Video Games and Tennis”

  1. Tennis is not as popular of a sport as the others are, such as Hockey and Football. There is the game on the Wii which is fun to play, keeping people active in ways. I think it may seem like a simple sport or not as diverse as the others, seeming less engaging and interesting to the plaeyrs.

  2. Tennis is actually my favorite sport and I love playing like Wii tennis. I would beg to differ, however, that it is a simple sport. It involves a lot of hand eye coordination, skill, placement, and strategizing.

  3. I’ve played tennis for about 4 years now, however I still suck. I don’t agree with you on that tennis isnt a team sport. I’ve played both doubles and singles, but primarily in doubles, teamwork is imperative. You have to communicate with one another over what to do, where to move to, and more importantly, who breaks the racket out of frustration. I don’t think that tennis will ever gain the popularity like other ‘American’ sports because, for the most part, tennis is fairly new to the US. Unlike baseball football, and basketball, which have been around for many many years.

  4. Wii tennis was a wonderful invention for the tennis world. I use to play tennis when I was younger so with interactive games such as these it helps me to get back into the sport. Tennis is a universal sport so there is no wonder why it was one of the first video games that was ever created.

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