Date my Avi? GR#5

Dating in video games? Seems kind of crazy, this article on Kotaku brings up the Subject of dating through video games and some of the nonsense that comes with it.

I really don’t know how I feel about this, on one hand I guess it could help somebody find someone if they were having trouble otherwise. But on the other hand, it does seem like a breeding ground for con artists, perverts etc…

The world of online dating is still rather new, and to throw virtual dating in their I think is a recipe for disaster. Maybe that’s what makes it interesting to research?


One thought on “Date my Avi? GR#5”

  1. lol. Reminds me of this one guy I play with on XBL. Met his wife because he was friends with her dad on XBL, and while playing against his wife and her father in Gears of War, he sneaked up behind his wife and chainsawed her for the game winning kill. The dating site is, uh… interesting. But I’m not surprised. There’s one of those for just about everything anymore. And some of the stories I hear of how husband and wife met on XBL are even more outlandish, too.

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