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“New research suggests that hours of exposure to violent media like video games can make kids react in more hostile ways compared to ones who don’t spend lots of time controller-in-hand, reigniting the debate about children and gaming.”

I found this article concerning a study related to my games research.

the first thought that came to mind was: duh!

I mean how is there not going to be a correlation!?

Its common sence,. You dont need a study to tell you this or to even find this out.  Though this article focused more on the problems video games give rise to, rather then thesolution, i still found it very informative.


2 thoughts on “Post 5”

  1. These studies always leave me with a headache.

    The problem is that there are countless lurking variables when looking for a correlation, particularly amongst variables that are so vague. How does one measure violent tendencies? How does one measure the violence of a video game?

    One of the major lurking variables is presence of a solid parental figure. I would wager that many children who play violent video games at a young age also have parents that are less involved– because one can assume that involved parents would be less inclined to purchase a violent video game for a young child. Additionally, it is impossible to measure what children’s tendencies are towards violence prior to playing a video game. Since there is such an overwhelming majority of children playing these games, the data becomes skewed because the numbers are all off.

  2. Well, that goes without even being said. It’s obvious, to even point that out is redundant. this article is merely pointing out what the absence of parental figures does to children. You should really consider re-reading the article or maybe just my post.
    However, I agree on your point that data becomes skewed. I would even go as far as to consider such studies biased. the reason being, that the majority of the conductors usually enter the experiment with some pre-conceived notions or desired outcomes.

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