Research Post 3

League of Legends is a game I am certain you have all heard of to some degree. If you walk through the NSC hallway sometime, you are guaranteed to see some kids on the side sneaking in a few games of league between classes. Hell, there’s a fair chance they’re playing during class as well. Anyway, this is a really popular game, and it has grown at an astonishingly fast rate.

Recently League of Legends (LoL, for short) became known for doing something no other game has done before– it sold out seats to the LA Staples Center in an hour.

If you think about what that means for gaming, it is incredible. LoL is just a video game, yet they have sold out tickets to a stadium that houses professional sports teams. In a way, you could say that the LoL Grand Finals were on par with a NBA game in terms of attendance. This says a lot about the potential for gaming’s future as a spectator sport.


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