Research Post 4

This segment by GameSpot makes several good points about the current boom behind spectator gaming, and shows us what may come in its future.

Spectator gaming’s origins seem to come from the times where we would watch over an older brother’s shoulder as they played through a game that seemed to difficult for us. I can say that I’ve ‘played’ countless games vicariously by watching my brother play through them. This has a lot to do with personal gaming preferences. While I think that Bioshock for example is a fantastic game– for whatever reason, it never grabbed me enough to personally sit and play through myself. However, I was willing to watch my brother play through the story, which was filled with a beautiful world and interesting characters. A very popular form of this now is when people post reaction videos and let’s play videos of new games. It allows you to see gameplay of a title before deciding to buy it yourself, and additionally it allows you to join the poster on their journey as they travel through the game.


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