Research Post 7

In an earlier post, I discussed a bit of the history of the Super Smash Bros franchise, and how Nintendo was less than encouraging of the competitive scene. They had even made statements regarding how the game was intended to be casual, and not high tier play. In fact, when EVO, a famous streaming tournament, was set to hold the largest Melee tournament of all time, Nintendo went so far as to pull the plug on the tournament, sending a cease and desist letter to EVO. To which fans responded very harshly, and Nintendo of course took back their actions.

As a result of this, I am thinking that Nintendo is becoming more open to the competitive scene. Casual gaming has always been their shtick, but maybe they are beginning to see the potential value of a world that loves watching people play video games. This year at E3, Nintendo hosted a live tournament to advertise their newest installment to the Smash Bros series, and they invited 16 of the most well known competitive players from the scene to come and be the first to play this game, and to stream it live on twitch!

I watched the tournament myself, and it was incredible. To witness the combination of casual and competitive play to a point where everybody was having fun…. I like to think this is what the future holds.

^Here you can watch some highlights from the tournament


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