Rumors of new Nintendo console

Nintendo has been a house brand of gaming since near the dawn of the industry- but for anybody who has been keeping up with this current generation’s console war (Xbox One, PS4, WiiU) it is known that Nintendo had been tanking in sales.  This a bit unexpected after their massive success with the original Nintendo Wii in the previous generation- but it is also understandable seeing as the stage was taken by the war between Sony and Microsoft.   Anyway, what is interesting is that Nintendo has said they already have another system in the works, even though the WiiU was just released.   Nintendo apparently has loads of money stored away, so this generation shouldn’t hurt them too badly- but it will be interesting to see what this new console will do for them in their competition against the PS4 and Xbox One.


3 thoughts on “Rumors of new Nintendo console”

  1. Like Microsoft trying to get rid of Vista, I think Nintendo is trying to get rid of the WiiU as their frontrunner. Whenever discussing the WiiU’s failure as a system with my friends, the comparison that is always brought up is Nintendo’s Virtual Boy. Now I don’t mean to slam Nintendo for any of their products but the WiiU was a poorly planned release. Take a look at the attached Game Theory video:

    I still haven’t pledged my support for any next gen consoles, solely for lack of interesting games to play. Console developers need to realize that their consoles survive solely for the games released on their systems, and not to piss of game developers. Take a look at Microsoft, they bought the Halo IP and continued releasing lackluster games under the namesake of Halo. It can be assumed that Bungie is now giving the PS4 early beta access to Destiny solely for this reason, leading me to seriously consider getting a PS4 instead of an xBox One. As a community we need to pay more attention and give more praise to the developers of games as compared to the console giants.

    1. Game Theory! Nice!

      As accurate as the comparison is, it’s sad to think that it’s true. I have a Wii U in my house, and I can tell you from first hand experience that it is a tremendous step up from the Wii. I think the main problem is that people are viewing the Wii U similarly to the 360 Elite, or PS Slim. That is to say, they assume it is largely cosmetic and arbitrary differences, and not a next generation console. “I already have a Wii, why buy a Wii U?”

      I would agree though, the release was poorly planned. I think better execution would have featured a different name (perhaps the once discarded Nintendo Revolution) a different date, and several more release titles, particularly third party ones. Pretty much the only think the Wii U has going for it right now is Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros for Wii U. There are many other great titles, but they aren’t titles that would grab new players. None of my friends would even consider what a great game Super Mario 3D World is, because it looks like just another Nintendo Mario game, which is something they don’t have experience with. They need third party titles to grab non traditional gamers who are new to Nintendo. I am hopeful that they will learn from this mistake.

  2. It would not surprise that there is more coming onto the market because we know that video gaming is becoming more and more successful and accepted by more and more people as something that is not negative. Personally, I love video games and the more the merrier!

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