Conveyance of difficult topics – Game Research 7

In Brenda Romero’s TED talk, she describes the difficulty that traditional narratives have of conveying difficult topics. Romero’s daughter, in learning about the middle passage, did not seem to truly understand the perils of the journey.

In learning a subject in a history textbook, one can read the pages and absorb the knowledge, but the true terror of difficult times can fail to be conveyed through words. Romero seeing her daughter with a nonchalant attitude towards the middle passage, created a game that would properly convey the helplessness of the times. By using the game, her daughter was able to finally come to the realization of how terrible the journey was.

In utilizing the game and history, Romero is able to properly teach her daughter. This shows that games, equipped with the proper narrative, can teach lessons in a more effective manner as compared to historical books.


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