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Is this real life? GR#10

This curiosity actually stems form a computer class I took last year. Half way through the semester the professor bought in this virtual reality headset.

The game was pretty simple, you just rode a rollersoaster. But it was still pretty cool. Ever since then in the back of my head I kind of thought…what would some of my games be like with that VR helmet? Fricken awesome if you ask me!

Virtual Reality Gaming seems like it is the next possible leap for gaming. Where else can we go with video games…this seems like a possibly future. A future that I cant wait to be apart of!

VG’s improve morality?! GR#9

Be honest, when you think of video games do you think of kids making the right choices, being polite, and kind? Or do you think of kids screaming and cursing as they kill each other over a platform?

If it was my guess…probably the second.

So how could such games improve one’s morality?

Well this article states how, and after reading it I thought about my COD kill-streaks a little differently.

How awesome would it be if the games we were told, made kids violent and angry actually made them more dignified? Pretty awesome if you ask me..would be awesome to research

For HW beat Level 7… GR#8

Think about it, nowadays every single kid has an Iphone, an Ipad, an Xbox, etc…

And when these kids go to school what do you think their thinking about doing? Probably using all that awesome technology! I know I would!

So why not combine the two, why not combine education with gaming. Combine the founding fathers with mario kart, the quadratic formula with the Master Chief. I think it could be done, and I think if used correctly could help countless students.

After reading this article, it sparked my interest in gaming and education, and how the two could benefit each other.


This brings up an interesting topic, I myself an avid gamer have never really encountered an injury after all of the years of vegging out. Unless you count sleepless night, headaches and red eyes as injuries, I mean I really don’t

But I think it would be interesting to seriuosly research the health risks that come with video games. Are they to be taken lightly? or are they more serious?

I think it is important to know what you are putting in to your body when it comes to food, so why not look at what video games do to your body? I think it is a very interesting question to ask.

Professional (E)Athlete? GR#6

This has grown on me over the years. I first was introduced to competitive gaming when I started playing Halo 3 multiplayer. Me and my friends would play all the time, and not to toot my own horn but I thought we were pretty good.  Personally

Anyway, over the past couple years it seems the competitive gaming has gotten bigger and bigger. Recently being added to the X Games, and colleges now holding their own university teams to play other schools. It seem that video games are bridging over into another field yet again.

But the question is, is a professional e-athlete an athlete at all?

Date my Avi? GR#5

Dating in video games? Seems kind of crazy, this article on Kotaku brings up the Subject of dating through video games and some of the nonsense that comes with it.

I really don’t know how I feel about this, on one hand I guess it could help somebody find someone if they were having trouble otherwise. But on the other hand, it does seem like a breeding ground for con artists, perverts etc…

The world of online dating is still rather new, and to throw virtual dating in their I think is a recipe for disaster. Maybe that’s what makes it interesting to research?