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This article is just about the popular online games in China. My paper is about gaming in third world countries and underdeveloped areas of the world. While China isn’t a third world country, a large percentage of the population lives in poor conditions. My paper focuses a lot on the popularity of Internet cafes in these regions, specifically for online gaming. China’s internet cafes are amongst the most used in any other country, and these are the games that are being played.

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This article is just talking about the popular games used in internet cafes in the Philippines. My paper is about gaming in third world countries, and the main source for gaming within those countries is the use of Internet cafes. I think it’s pretty fascinating that even in countries so vastly different from our own, people still are passionate about gaming, and utilize what resources they have in order to play games.

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Gold farming was a big part of World of Warcraft, or really any online game that utilizes an in game currency. I’ve been aware of some of the poor conditions gold farmers worked under, but I always imagined it mostly as volunteer work for “some” pay. This article just kind of struck me because I never even thought of the possibility that Chinese prisoners were part of that gold farming crew. I just was picturing in my head like a 12 year old kid playing on his Warlock trying to level up, and all around him are Chinese inmates being forced to farm for gold by their wardens. It’s an interesting scenario.

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As someone who played World of Warcraft I had some form of personal connection to this article. I often bumped into “Gold Farmers” in WoW, and witnessed alot of the negative connotation that went along with it, and the views “normal” players had towards them. Since my paper was on third world gaming, this is something that has always stood out to me. That image of like 100 people in a room lined row to row with computers, monotonously performing the same task for 12 hours a night, yielding little reward.

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This is just an interesting game to raise awareness about poverty and whatnot in third world countries. What got me was the title of the website, games for change. I don’t think about it too much, but it’s actually a cool concept that video games can be used to raise awareness. Bogost talked about a similar type of game, Darfur Is Dying, and since my paper was on gaming and third world countries, I found this to fit nicely.

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This article is significant for the research paper because it brings to light the differences in gaming in developed countries and third world countries. For example, the practice of piracy in the latter is a whole lot rampant in third world countries, and definitely luxury for the more privileged people among the citizens living in third world countries.