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Games Research 10

One of my sources will either be from McGonigal’s book or the following article (or both) and will reference why we love video games. The explanation provided both in McGonigal’s book and the article is not restricted to any race or gender, making the argument of why video games are so controversial about both more prevalent. Since everyone has the capacity to love video games, why are they so hellbent on remaining exclusive to one group of people?

Games Research 9

This article examines the power of ascription in terms of employment in managerial jobs. It discusses why men are employed in over 80% of managerial jobs in the nation and how and why ascription is both a tool and an adversary in this regard. This ties into my sexism and sexuality theme along with the article that men have a stronger sex drive in that since men hold most of the upper level careers, what they say goes.

Games Research 8

This article by Baumeister, who is highly reputable in the psychology world, deals with sex drive strength in gender. Their hypothesis followed the common notion that males have a stronger sex drive and their hypothesis was confirmed. This brings more understanding to the representation of women and sex in video games, but also begs the question of since almost half of video game players are girls, why hasn’t sexism and sexuality in games decreased or at least become proportional for females and males?

Games Research 7

This article discussions the representations of gender, sexuality,  and sex in the media. Though it does not include video games as their studied media, I think the same situations apply. One of the things I found most interesting in this article is that in media directed towards boys and girls, there was an overall consensus that seemed to suggest men/boys were only after one thing and that it was the girl’s job to draw the line. This poses a really interesting question on if video games perpetuate this sort of culture, because a romanced NPC cannot “draw the line” so to speak.


Games Research 6

This article explores the ratio of male characters to female characters in video game reviews and how the characters are referred. From the data collected, only 42% of women were mentioned in game reviews but proportionally their mentioning of attractiveness was much higher than the reviews discussing males.  This article also posed the question that if women in video games are so sexualized, is it really something that we should strive to have more of?

Games Research 5

This article explores the differentiation of race and gender representation in comparison to white male. The most important part of this article is the section on why representation matters. It discusses theories how people recall information based on what they see, and how media distorts the truth by continuously using the same kinds of people over and over again. This can also be linked to self esteem and inclusion issues for those not of the portrayed characters.